• Vaistinėlė  medžiaginė  NAUJOS KOMPLEKTACIJOS

NEW COMPOSITION APPROVED by Order No. V-2876 of LR SAM of December 10, 2020

1. Sterile plasters - 10 pcs

2. Patch in a roll 2.5cm x 5m - 1pc

3. Sterile pressure bandage 10x10cm, the bandage itself 15cm x180cm - 1 pc.

4. Non-sterile bandage 6cm x 500cm - 5 pcs

5. Supportive triangular bandage - 2 pcs

6. First aid scissors - 1 pc

7. Special blanket for laying down and covering the victim 160cmx210cm - 2 pcs.

8. Sterile wound dressing 5cm x 10cm - 10 pcs

9. Disposable medical gloves - 4 pcs

10. First aid resuscitation masks for performing artificial respiration - 2 pcs

11. Disposable cold bag - 2 pcs

12. Tourniquet for stopping severe (massive) bleeding in the limbs (arms, legs) - 2 pcs.

13. Description of first aid provision, rules for using a tourniquet - 1 pc.

According to the order of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications of the Republic of Lithuania No. V-2876 of December 10, 2020, a first aid kit (hereinafter referred to as the kit) must be available in institutions and companies and in all road motor vehicles and railway vehicles registered in the Republic of Lithuania from 01.01.2022. The set is also recommended for cyclists, skaters, hikers, and travellers.

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Vaistinėlė medžiaginė NAUJOS KOMPLEKTACIJOS

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